Radar Laser Detectors

Did you know that over 100,000 speeding tickets are written every day in the US? And the average speeding ticket fine is over $150. Ouch! Modern radar/laser detectors give you the warning you need to help avoid a speeding ticket and the piece-of-mind you deserve for more stress-free driving with traffic safety features. Think your old radar detector is "good enough"? Radar and laser technology evolves almost yearly, and detectors of yester-year are no match against today's DSP-enhanced radar and laser guns. With new technology such as POP-radar and Ku-Band radar, older detectors are quickly becoming obsolete and the need for the best protection is stronger than ever.

Many radar/laser detectors are also invaluable motoring tools because they include features like emergency vehicle alerts, road hazard announcements, and digital compasses.  We also have counter measure devices that help to defeat some technologies used to give you tickets.



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