Sound Deadening

I have heard it said that the difference between a Lexus in a Camry is about 300 pounds and sound deadening.  After  years of experience of applying these products.  I would have to say that I agree.

Even a small amount of damping material can have a profound effect on noise reduction. In a typical application, applying damping material to the doors of your vehicle can reduce road noise up to 6 dB! This is a huge reduction in noise. Complete coverage for an average vehicle can reduce road noise as much as 18 dB!

You can apply damping material in patches (25-50% area coverage) to keep a specific panel from resonating, or you can apply it over an entire area (such as the floor, doors, or trunk) to create a sound barrier and thermal insulator.

Installing damping material is very simple if you can remove the panels of your vehicle you can install the material.



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